Monday, 5 August 2019

High-Risk Payment Gateway Enrich your business with quick and reliable payments

We at WebPays understand the need for high-risk businesses and intend to provide High-Risk Payment Gateway solutions to merchants across the globe. High-Risk Payment solution allows you to make safe and secure payment transactions involving in the high-risk businesses. Businesses that accompany high risk have a higher failure ratio.  Hence, they require a payment processor which is efficient, reliable and secure to cater to the need of customers located globally. High-Risk Gateway adds functionality to high-risk merchants and allows them to make secure payments and hassle-free transactions.
Why High-Risk Payment Gateway is essential for businesses?
If you have an online business and you wish to take it online. There you need a system that can efficiently manage your business and can smoothly process the transactions for your business. It would allow you to manage your transactions securely and conveniently. Prior to sending the information, it encrypts the critical information and then processes it through the merchant to customers acquiring the bank. Hence, a High-Risk Payment Gateway is essential for a transaction for making the entire business efficient and flexible.

High-Risk Payment Gateway Solutions for businesses

High-Risk Payment Gateway allows you to have multiple benefits over the business apart from making the entire transaction process to go smooth; it adds various functions to it. Let us look for the following benefits listed here.

Multiple Currencies Involved: By multiple currencies, you can connect several customers from the globe. It also enhances the popularity of your business and able to generate more leads from potential customers. It also allows customers to make payments with their own currencies that also attract them to your business.

Fast and Quick Payment Processing:  High-Risk Payment Gateway allows customers to make quick and easy online payments. Both the customer and businesses like this feature for their own flexibility and ease.

Availability of different payment modes: Customers have a choice of making payments with their chosen mode of payments such Master card, Visa Card, or any other card. Allowing a variety of cards accessibility to merchants, payment gateways empower merchants to accept payment from different modes.

How to avail of a High-Risk Payment Gateway?

Financial Institutions or banks do not approve an application for high-risk merchants since the business involve high risk. They first analyze the business nature and then look forward to granting a High-Risk Payment Gateway for your business. Though there are certain documents which need to be handy for the merchants looking forward to having a payment gateway package for their business. 

Here is the list of some documents required

  1. Directors profile KYC ()
  2. A Void Check
  3. Driving License or Voter ID
  4. 3 months' recent credit card statement
  5. 3 months recent processor statement
  6. Chargeback up to 2%
High-Risk Payment Gateway approves the application for merchants within 7 working business days. Thus, WebPays plays a leading role in offering an exact solution to merchants if you are seeking a high-risk merchant account. The services make your payment processes function swiftly with no hassle on the way.

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